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יצירה מקורית לרכישה

“Feel, create, live and be exactly who I am - that is my art”

Dorit Ruff 

ציור מקורי דורית רוף

A painting is like music,

It touches your inner soul

And awakens it with emotions






יצירה ישראלית למכירה
ציור אקריליק לרכישה

So take another moment,
Observe the painting,

Let yourselves feel…

And only then will you know that this is the one. 

Your painting. 

ציור מופשט לסלון

When I paint, I don’t think.

I just let color, movement and rhythm flow,  

a visible expression of my inner soul

in a passionate dialogue with the canvas.

The painting emerges from layers of paint, lines, dots, and shapes.

In the process of creation,

I sometimes wish to reveal hidden layers and expose internal roots 

While other times I feel the need to cover and conceal. 

Occasionally I have the urge to add words and scribbles, some 

clear and others unintelligible,

they flow out and into the painting. 

And the painting takes a life of its own. 

And it sets me free.

My studio in Kfar Ma’as is full of color, creativity and good vibes.

Come immerse yourself in beauty where coffee and music meet art.

דורית רוף אמנית ישראלית
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