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My Abstract artwork is an expression of a process of development and change I’m going through, through the search, exposure, recognition, and learning of my needs and desires.

My creation is a fabric of colors, emotions and thoughts that reflect who I am. The work is accompanied by a strong desire to peel those layers that have been built like walls around me.

When I paint, I don’t think, I just let the color, movement and the rhythm to express my feelings, it’s like I have a conversation with the canvas. When the painting is created by layers of colors, lines, dots, spots and shapes, I develop a desire to reveal certain places and to discover layers from the bottom while rubbing and engraving. Sometimes I have to seal other places by adding layers. Sometimes I find myself adding words or unintelligible scribbles that just flow from me to the painting, and the painting takes on a life of its own, At the end of the creation I feel relieved as if something set free on me.

דורית רוף בסטודיו שלה

Over the years I developed my own language and technique,

I usually paint on a canvas without Jesso. The absorption of the fabric is better, and allows me to create many layers at different levels of transparency. In many of the paintings, the exposed canvas takes an important part in my work. I start the painting with acrylic, graphite charcoal, and continue with oil paints and oil sticks. I use many techniques using brushes,palette knife, sponges, many other materials and of course painting with my hands.

“To feel, to create, to live and to be myself, this is my art”

Over the years I participated in many exhibitions around the country, exhibitions at the National theatre “Habima” Tel Aviv in Israel. Culture House of:RishonLezion, Tel Aviv. Galleries in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Raanana. The Kastra centre in Haifa, Salon d’Automne exhibition Autumn salon in Jaffa Israel,Tel Aviv University.... .Overseas,I exhibited in Art expo New York -2017, 20th Shanghai art fair- 2016,Jiangus art fair – 2016 , 19th Beijing international art expo – 2016.

דורית רוף עם כתמי צבע

Publications & Exhibitions

דורית רוף כתבה
the gold list

The Gold List, Art Market Magazine


Mithos, 2019

תערוכה דורית רוף

Aerovision exhibition, 2019

דורית רוף תערוכת אירווויזיון 2019

Exhibition at the central library, 2019

תערוכה בספרייה המרכזית קריית אונו - 2019

Art Expo New York, 2017

Expo New York 2017 דורית רוף

Solo exhibition, 2017

תערוכת יחיד, האומנות שלי דורית רוף - אוניברסיטת תל אביב 2017.jpg

Exodus exhibition, 2017

דורית רוף מציגה בתערוכת אקסודוס

20th Shanghai Art Fair, 2016


Jiangsu Atr Fair, 2016

JIANGUS ART FAIR 2016 (1).jpg

19th Beijing International Art Expo, 2016


Exhibition at Habima Theater, Tel Aviv, 2015

תערוכה בהבימה תל אביב- 2015.jpg

Exhibition at the Hanger, 2014

תערוכה באנגר ביפו - 2014.jpg

"From light to dark", 2014

תערוכת מחושך לאור - היכל התרבות דרום השרון 2 2014.jpg

Anger, 2013

תערוכה באנגר 2013 דורית רוף

Salon D'oton, 2012

סלון ד'אוטון ישראל (סלון הסתיו) - יפו  1 2012.jpg

Color Phantasy, 2012

תערוכה פנטזיה בצבע - גלרית המגדלור 2012.jpg

Klipot, 2012

תערוכה של דורית רוף בסטודיו רקנאטי 2012

Calcalist, 2012

כלכליסט -2012.jpg
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